Here are some trend stories from past Colors India events and their realization spotted in the market 2 years down the line.
Trends for 2011
Effortless Luxury
Story telling about oneself is narrated through objects with precious associations. Real use of the object shows up, ‘my use, my profile, how I have grown and used something’.

Smart Folks
Smart Folks is about the young and their fascination with indigenous cultures, fair trade and the green movement working hand in hand to deliver products that are authentic.

Pocket-size Aspirations
Gone are the days when customization was for people who had the luxury of paying up extra. Brands have to seize the opportunity to fulfill people’s pocket sized aspiration, which they can afford one purchase at a time.

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// Generation - The Urban Youth in India
Everyone has two or three proficiencies that they call themselves by. Eg: A computer engineer/ a visual jockey / guitar player. Thus the Back Slash Back-Slash. Self Expression is a big thing. Digital age youth are influenced by Fashion, Cinema, Social Networks. Through social networking they leverage connections to make informed decisions.
Sporty by Association
This is Fake sporty. People will not be personally or physically adventurous, but they will want to associate with sportiness as triumph. Achievement on your own terms will reflect style and personality.

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Indian Heritage
We will modify global trends to suit Indian needs. Paradoxically we are also good at making tradition more convenient. All industries recognized that a greater national pride would reflect in design and color directions since we are most comfortable with our heritage colors.
There is a drift from the synthetic world. Towards an Eco green delivered through clean technologies. Green building initiatives are translating into conservation design for space and products. Color will face contradictory issues. Touch and feel will be more natural.

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