Some Testimonials on Colors India from the past years

Dr. Gita Piramal, Chairman, BP Ergo summed up the Speaker Day, Colors India 2007 in these pithy words.
“It’s wonderful that Freedom Tree is taking the color movement in India to a new level. During the event, we listened to presentations by thinkers from all over the world, by managers from across verticals, and by activists across interest groups. It was an exceptionally thought-provoking experience. I learnt a lot, and hope that this will become an annual event.”

“Colors to me always were a 2 Dimensional affair, but attending the NCS workshop it got converted into a 3 Dimensional space, which otherwise one wouldn’t have ever visualized them to be so.”
- Aniruddh Natuu, Deputy Director,
Symbiosis Institute of Design

“The coming together of marketing and style professionals from diverse industries gave us surprising and startling new perspectives on our own customer segments and how they relate to color and style.”-S. Srinivas, TVS Motors

“I would like to thank you and your team at a great effort put in for the color trends conference and workshops. The color trend was a good workshop and as forecasting is an important factor in our business….I do appreciate what is happening is this field and we can only get better.”
- Sunita Namjoshi, Synergy and Yamini